Recent Portraits

I’ve been working on my photography quite a bit this year and feel like my images have progressed dramatically from what I’ve learned. I’m finding I enjoy doing portraits and have done a few shoots recently for friends and family. I hope you enjoy them.

They are an example of what can be achieved with only Open Source software. To achieve the same results using proprietary solutions would require spending well more than $1000 on software alone. Instead these and more are available in the standard Fedora repositories. All I had to do was click on “System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Software” and look through the “Graphics” packages. It couldn’t be any easier!

See the tools I use and more pictures after the jump!

Information For Our Friends and Family

Just this Friday, our twin boys were born to soon to take their first breath.  So many of our friends have asked for details about the funeral and /or ways they can help.  Rather than relay the information many times I’m just writing up a post to point people to.  I’ll write more about what happened when I’m more ready to face it.

Their Funeral

We are going to lay our boys to rest near my family in Virginia.  There will be a grave side service 4:00PM Tuesday January 19th at Hebron Baptist Church in Appomattox, Virginia. GPS navigation systems and mapping websites aren’t very reliable in Appomattox County so be sure and get directions from the church website.

For people wishing to attend from out-of-town our wonderful friends at Rockcliffe Farm Retreat & Lodge near our home have graciously offered any of the rooms they haven’t already rented out to people attending the funeral no charge.

How You Can Help

I honestly don’t know what help we should ask for.  Our family has all been here over the weekend and taking wonderful care of us but after we come home on Wednesday or Thursday we won’t have them here and from what I’ve been told that’s when things will get really hard.  The women in our neighborhood have offered to coordinate meals for anyone interested in making one so we don’t end up with 18 suppers all at once and then none for the upcoming days.  I will give you their contact information if that’s something that interest you.  I can confidently say that Doracy will need to see some friendly faces in the coming weeks and I’m thinking that the people stopping by will be just as important as the food itself.

The hospital gave us a wonderfully done pamphlet “Family and Friends: How You Can Help When a Baby Dies” which I recommend everyone read.  I will support my loved ones slightly differently through any loss they may have in the future because of it.  The most important part being on what not to do.  I have made some of those mistakes in the past because I didn’t know what the right thing to say was.

Some Links

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2009-09-12 Durant Lake One

The red light from the setting sun over my right shoulder almost makes it look like the trees have already started changing colors. I shot this in RAW format using my old Canon Digital Rebel and then tonemapped it using the excellent qtpfsgui tool.

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Stitched photos of a Christmas tree in Dubai

2008-12-23 Comments off

A friend of mine recently took a trip to Dubai where he apparently ran across this gigantic Christmas tree in the mall.  He took a series of pictures I assume to show off both its grand size and its mad fiber optic color changing skills.

The set just screamed to me that it needed to be stitched together as a panorama, both do see the whole thing at once and just to see what Hugin would do with the color changes.  I assume the entire tree changes colors at once so the different levels just show the passage of time between the frames.

Its not up to my normal standards for panoramas but considering there’s no way he had this sort of thing in mind when he took the originals I think it turned out pretty well.  Especially for only a few minutes of work.

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FUDCon flickr group

2008-06-24 Comments off

I just wanted to remind all the flickr users that took pictures at FUDCon last week that we started a flickr group durring FUDCon 9.  It would be nice to keep that pool going so if you have some pictures you can add to the pool from any FUDCon past or pressent please do.  Those of us that couldn’t make it this time 😦 would love to see what everyone was up to.

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First geek to identify where they’ve seen this picture before wins

I took this picture on my honeymoon. You’ve seen it before, but where?

Update: No Google searches, its cheating.

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History bandwagon

OK fine I’ll jump on…
[rusharri@rusharri-lnx-t61p ~]$ history|awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
207 ls
168 cd
66 more
63 sudo
36 ssh
29 evolution
29 emacs
28 for
24 rpm
23 rm

Yes that evolution in there is from having to do a evolution --force-shutdown all the time because the exchange connector feels much hatred.
[rusharri@rusharri-lnx ~]$ history|awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
216 ls
164 cd
120 ssh
66 sudo
49 more
40 man
30 ll
29 rm
23 df
18 ps

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