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Which candidate wants your money most?

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Tonight I was replying to an email from a friend of mine who wanted to know why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. That’s a topic for a different post but while looking at each of the candidate’s sites I was struck by something. How important money is to each of them? I grabbed a screen shot of the first screen you’d see on each of their sites.

Lets start with Barack Obama, who’s breaking all kinds of fund raising records. on 2007-03-17

A donate button and a store link. Seems reasonable, especially considering campaigns these days live and die on fund raising.

On to John McCain: on 2007-03-17

McCain adds a “Contribute” button to his site. Again seems appropriate, especially considering he has his party’s nomination locked up. He won’t need serious cash for a few months now.

Then there’s Hillary Clinton‘s site: on 2008-03-17

Wow, it seems that 75% of the first screen you see on her site is dedicated to ways to send her money.  This is totally unscientific but I do think it says something about what’s important to them.  You make the call.


Dear Lazy Web, Blog Search Engine

Dear Lazy Web,
We have a bunch of internal blogs at work, or we will soon. Problem is that we have many different ways for people to blog. We’re working on an official solution but there are other ways to blog. For example, some of the wiki’s have blog like features, some groups have set up their own servers, and many of the “collaboration” products out there have similar features. It would be really nice to allow people to post in the solution they like best, yet still have a central location for people to see what’s going on in our “blogosphere” so to speak.

A traditional aggregation solution like planet or Feedjack isn’t going to work because they won’t scale to the number of feeds we’d need to track. After a certain number of feeds are configured in the system its going to spend almost as much time (if not more) crawling the feeds as it would displaying them. Especially when you consider most of those feeds won’t have been updated, crawling all of them each time isn’t very efficient. Its become very clear that a solution more like Technorati is the direction we’d want to go. By only indexing sites when they “ping” it to tell it they have been updated the content can remain up to date without wasting time crawling pages that haven’t been updated.

I’m somewhat surprised that I wasn’t able to just find something to accomplish this task very quickly. It seems like it should already exist and a simple search over a freshmeat should have turned up several options.. I think I’m looking for the wrong things though because I haven’t found anything yet that does what I’d like it to. So dear lazy web what should I be looking for instead? I know it must be out there…

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Planet parsing feeds wrong?

I’ve noticed that my post to this blog are showing up in the planet feeds I’m included in with the caption to the pictures I’ve included in the posts as the title for the post instead of the acutal title. Since I’m frequently using pictures from flickr with Creative Commons licenses my captions usually have nothing to do with the actual posts. Seems like it might be a touch confusing for readers. I’m not really sure what would be causing this or what I might need to do to fix it. Has anyone else with a blog noticed the same thing or is it just me?

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Good Job Vista

My wife’s work computer has Windows Vista installed on it. Mainly because the board didn’t want to be “going backwards”, and Vista is shiny or something. This morning it was helpful enough to move her clock for her automatically for daylight savings time. Something any modern OS should do. Problem is it moved her clock forward two hours instead of the customary one. Now it keeps telling her that she doesn’t have permission to change the time to fix it. Yep they certainty aren’t moving backwards.

Microsoft Windows Vista moving the world forward! One extra hour at a time!