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All I want for Christmas

photo credit Mike McGregor mikemcgregor.comIts starting to sound like sales of the OLPC might actually happen this year. Reuters is reporting that Mary Lou Jepsen, CTO for the OLPC project, is considering selling the XO to the general public starting in October! I’ll have to keep an eye on the retail wiki page to see if any details show up.

The options discussed for pricing include a one for two, or one for three plan. Basically it means that you would buy one laptop for the base costs required to produce two or three of the models intended for distribution. Basically, when you buy one in a developed nation you’re buying one for yourself and one for a child in a developing nation. Where else can you buy yourself a new toy and help educate a child at the same time!

The one for two pricing of around $350 is a slam dunk. I’ll pick one as soon as they become available at that price without looking back. The $525 one for three option is something I’d have to think about though. I probably would buy one at the higher price, but its quite a bit harder on the pocket book. I wonder if there would be a way to account for the overage charge as a tax deduction.

I believe this may be the most important charity project in the world right now. The ability to provide a child the resources of an entire library in a form they can carry with them will transform the nations where they are distributed.

Link, via BoingBoing, via One Laptop Per Child News

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