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Linux Foundation 2007 Desktop Survey Responses Mapped


Late last year the Linux Foundation‘s Desktop Working Group posted the results of their 2007 Linux Desktop/Client Survey. I finally got around to trying to take a little bit closer look at the data. I was pretty taken with the work Jef Spaleta has been doing producing maps for various Fedora Project statistics. I wanted to see if I could apply the same tools to the IPs from the responses to the desktop Linux survey. It was surprisingly easy given that Jef had already done all the heavy lifting.

Here they are broken down by survey language and finally all of the responses together.

  1. jef
    2008-04-10 at 01:39


    I really need need to work on the color by country map. Once summer gets here and the days are 22 hours long and my body forgets that it actually needs sleep.. I might find a few hours to work on it.


  2. 2008-04-15 at 11:57

    Although the Japanese survey was conducted online and so is almost certainly skewed in favor of veteran web users, the findings bear scrutiny. The standout headline is that the Japanese are unlikely to act on matters pertaining to public affairs after considering the issues online, but there are nuggets buried deeper in the analysis.

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