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Will it Blend?

2007-07-12 Comments off

Just the name of this post lets you know something incredibly absurd (and incredibly awesome at the same time) is just on the other side of these links. The premise for the site is simple. In order to show how “powerful” and “tough” their product is, the makers of the Total Blender ask a very simple question. Will it blend? They throw anything they can think of into their blender to answer that very question. The “unsafe” category is the one to watch, including things like, pens a golf club, a dozen glowsticks, and my personal favorite an iPhone.

I think it may be partially because my Mother has a blender that really reminds me of this one (insanely loud, incredibly obnoxious, and totally unstoppable) that this has to be one of my favorite sites on the Internet. I never have time to actually browse it, since it really is a total waste of time. Thankfully, there are many other dedicated surfers out there with more time on their hands than I. I sure appreciate them posting or blogging about the highlights so I get to enjoy them to!