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Thanks Max


As a long time Fedora user (back when it was called Red Hat) I have been truly been thrilled by the progress on your watch. The most important being overseeing the merger of extras and core. An event that marks the final return of the community to the Fedora project. Something that has been long over due. I credit it in no small way as being pivotal in making Fedora 8 the best release yet. The quality is much higher while the innovation has gotten even faster.

An awful lot of brilliant people worked really hard to make this happen. That is the hardest part of your job. Having to diplomacy to find the common ground when truly intelligent people disagree (they are probably both right in a way) Helping convince the business types at Red Hat to return the philosophies that made the company great to start with. Bringing people together is no small skill.

Even way you’re handling this next step shows your class and consideration for all involved. I’m sorry to see you stepping down, but I understand needing a break from such a demanding job. By building on the efforts of your predecessors and welcoming the efforts of new users you’re leaving some very big shoes to fill.

Thank You,


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Linux for a Greener World

2007-12-10 Comments off

Would you believe that everyone switching away from Windows could have a profound effect on the environment? According to the California Environmental Protection Agency there could be several beneficial side effects of switching. Not the least of which is potentially 50% less e-waste generated from all those users upgrading their computers just so they can run Vista.

Source: CNN Eco Solutions < via: David Nielsen

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