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Good Job Vista


My wife’s work computer has Windows Vista installed on it. Mainly because the board didn’t want to be “going backwards”, and Vista is shiny or something. This morning it was helpful enough to move her clock for her automatically for daylight savings time. Something any modern OS should do. Problem is it moved her clock forward two hours instead of the customary one. Now it keeps telling her that she doesn’t have permission to change the time to fix it. Yep they certainty aren’t moving backwards.

Microsoft Windows Vista moving the world forward! One extra hour at a time!

  1. Brian
    2008-03-09 at 19:23

    That is hilarious! Talk about forward thinking!

  2. The wife
    2008-03-14 at 20:31

    and somehow it did correct itself but I’m still wary of the time, doublechecking to the nearest wall clock or my cell phone. Trust in Windows…never.

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