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Good Job Vista

My wife’s work computer has Windows Vista installed on it. Mainly because the board didn’t want to be “going backwards”, and Vista is shiny or something. This morning it was helpful enough to move her clock for her automatically for daylight savings time. Something any modern OS should do. Problem is it moved her clock forward two hours instead of the customary one. Now it keeps telling her that she doesn’t have permission to change the time to fix it. Yep they certainty aren’t moving backwards.

Microsoft Windows Vista moving the world forward! One extra hour at a time!


Yahoo Board Rejects Microsoft

yahoo_gives_thumbs_downThings aren’t over yet but round one is over at least. Multiple sources are reporting that the Yahoo board will reject Microsoft‘s hostile take over bid Monday morning. Its looking like thankfully a Microsoft takeover of Yahoo, while not impossible, is unlikely to go through.  Yahoo, has been doing many things right lately and it seems like they’re heading in the right direction for now.  It would be a shame to see that progress reversed.

I’m breathing a big sigh of relief on a personal level simply because I wasn’t looking forward to moving all of my pictures off of flickr. It was going to be a huge amount of work, and I really do like using flickr.

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