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Which candidate wants your money most?

2008-03-18 Comments off

Tonight I was replying to an email from a friend of mine who wanted to know why I didn’t support Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. That’s a topic for a different post but while looking at each of the candidate’s sites I was struck by something. How important money is to each of them? I grabbed a screen shot of the first screen you’d see on each of their sites.

Lets start with Barack Obama, who’s breaking all kinds of fund raising records. on 2007-03-17

A donate button and a store link. Seems reasonable, especially considering campaigns these days live and die on fund raising.

On to John McCain: on 2007-03-17

McCain adds a “Contribute” button to his site. Again seems appropriate, especially considering he has his party’s nomination locked up. He won’t need serious cash for a few months now.

Then there’s Hillary Clinton‘s site: on 2008-03-17

Wow, it seems that 75% of the first screen you see on her site is dedicated to ways to send her money.  This is totally unscientific but I do think it says something about what’s important to them.  You make the call.